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Crazy Glue, Nails, and Multiple Offers

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Every once in a while you think you’ve “seen it all”. Well, the other day I ran across a double whammy! I remember back in the early 2000’s when there were multiple offers on just about everything. Agents would use some unscrupulous tactics like taking the keys from the lockbox so that other agents couldn’t show the home. Well, apparently some of those agents are up to their old tricks given the current multiple offer market we’re in.

The other day I met some clients to show them a home in the Santa Clara area. I had previewed it just a few days prior. Well, as luck would have it, the whole family showed up with my buyer, and low and behold, we were thwarted by one of those previously mentioned agents! I was able to get the keys out of the lockbox after 15 minutes of prying the box open with a screwdriver. Success!, or so I thought. The buyer and family waiting patiently, we finally tried the key in the lock, it wouldn’t go in! The keyhole in the front door had been filled in with crazy glue!! Ok, I thought, let’s go around to the back and try the rear door. So…. we all trudge through the side gate and to the back door, I tried the key again, and again, the key won’t go into the lock. Hmmm,. took a look at the lock and low and behold someone had driven small finishing nails into the keyhole, thwarted again!

Needless to say, the home needed a whole lot more work than my clients were willing to take on, and we ended up finding them the “perfect” home just a few days later. I hope that through some of the turmoil of the Real Estate market, we loose some of the unscrupulous agents that don’t adhere to the Code of Ethics that most of us abide by. We, as a profession, need to keep faith instilled in our clients, as well as the general public, that there are very professional agents out there. Happy home hunting!