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Tips To Increase Your Household Cashflow by $500 Monthly

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There are two ways to boost your personal cash flow — increase your income or reduce your spending. Sounds simple, right? The former can be a challenge but the latter doesn’t have to be.

The headline of the video below — “Cut Your Spending By $500 Per Month” — is somewhat sensational but the advice given during the video is spot-on.

From NBC\’s The Today Show, the 5-minute piece offers a half-dozen ways to reduce your cash outflows each month, including:

How to negotiate a lower credit card interest rate

Why it’s important to go grocery shopping with “a list”

How to “time” certain purchases like tires, linens, and clothing

It also covers saving money on a family pet. It’s often easier to save money than to make money.

This video shows how easy it can be.

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